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Monthly Archives: June 2012

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Film Tax Incentives Keeps Filming Movies and Television Shows in the States

Film Tax Incentives State by State


Film Tax Incentives are the new backbone of film financing equations.  Tradable tax credits, refundable tax credits, film tax rebates, and reductions in state taxes all figure into the equity investors exit strategy… and make green lighting films more attractive.
To deal with Runaway Productions taking their cash flow overseas, state and federal governments created tax based incentive programs to keep the jobs at home.  The theory is, if Producers find it more beneficial to film in a particular state economically, they will.   And they were right.

California’s film tax credit program gave taxpayers a bang for their buck. The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. reported that the state’s tax credit program pumped $3.8 billion into the California economy and created more than 20,000 jobs in a two year span.

Michigan, Louisiana, Georgia, Ohio, New Mexico and several other states have reported positive economic contributions from similar programs.


Written by:  Curtis Koller – VP of Development

T – Minus Productions

The World of Water stunts in Film

Universal Studios Waterworld Stunt Show


The best water movies are films that involve water as a major thematic element. Typically set on a major body of water, such as an ocean, river, lake, pond or creek, these compelling and entertaining stories that just happen to take place or involve water.
Water Stunts are probably one of the most difficult to coordinate and control.  To the average viewer, they have no idea of the highest concept of complexity involved in stunts requiring any aquatic motorized vehicle.  First and most important, there are NO brakes.  So the individual that is piloting the vessel must understand completely the speed, angle, and ability of the craft.

Movies such as Face-Off, Speed 2, and Miami Vice all used very talented stunt professionals to captain all the watercraft needed to give the excitement needed in each scene.  Water World used an enormous variety of vessels and had a very successful safety record during the entire filming.  It requires a very talented Stunt Coordinator and team to achieve the high quality action and precision desired by directors and producers.