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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Stunt Rigging Equipment Used In Conor Maynard’s “Turn Around” ft. Ne-Yo Music Video

Stunt Rigging has come along way in the last 20 years in the film industry.  Many years ago Special Effects and the Grip departments would do most of the safety rigging of actors in dangerous situations.  Due to the complexity of some of the rigging, highly skills stunt riggers have emerged to take over those tasks.  Most of the stunt rigging is designed by the Stunt Coordinator and then a stunt rigger supervisor or a stunt rigger will implement it.

Danger is constantly increasing and insurance companies are getting more involved in the production of scenes involving stunts.  The insurance companies risk assessment experts work exclusively with specific stunt coordinators that have clean safety records.  Stunt Equipment companies like T Minus Productions are always designing new equipment to advance stunt scenes and help directors and production companies get spectacular shots.

In Conor Maynard’s  newest music video “Turn Around” Ft. Ne-Yo, Director Colin Tilley came up with an idea to float a telephone booth 70 plus feet over the downtown Los Angeles  water basin.  This was done by calling in Stunt Coordinator TJ White from T Minus Productions.  TJ and his famed father, Stunt Coordinator Terry James, designed a Telephone booth that could hold two people in the air while being stable enough to get the camera shots that the director desired. This was done by attaching 1/2 industrial cable and  1/2 inch sheet of aircraft aluminum to the booth.  For the two different locations there were two different cranes used by Monster Crane and Champion Crane.










Click Below to see the video “Turn Around” by Conor Maynard ft. Ne-Yo.

Stunt Driving in Taio Cruz Music Video “Fast Cars”

Greased Lightning era stunt driving was brought back in the Taio Cruz “Fast Cars” music video produced by Riveting Entertainment’s Andrew Listerman and Directed by Colin Tilley.  T Minus Productions was brought on to create the stunt driving sequence with TJ White Stunt Coordinating.

The cars were provided by Picture Car Warehouse who also stunt prepped them in order to make the vehicles operate correctly under the duress of the stunt driving.  TJ stated, “Colin has a vision of these car racing down the Los Angeles river wash at high rate speeds going up and down the wash basin. This was very ambitious for a music video shoot”.

TJ brought in stunt drivers Jenifer Caputo, Mark Hicks, and Chris Carnel to do the blind driving much like the driving on the TV show “Knight Rider”.

To add to the action of the 1970’s muscle cars was also two street bikes that were driven by experienced stunt riders. On the edge of the river with Downtown LA as the backdrop Colin set up a shot with both cars doing donuts in a dirt lot along with the two bikes dancing on their tires doing wheelies, and burn outs while circling around Taio Cruz. With TJ’s eye for safety he was confident to do this stunt which surrounded the talent with fast moving vehicles, bikes, and a dust cloud that rivaled those of the desert. To achieve the action shots, the director brought in the ultimate arm camera car to make the shot real and high action.