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Fire Stunts In NEW David Guetta Music Video

When you add an element such as Fire to any stunt you need to be cautious, patient, and confident. TJ White has coordinated many fire stunts which is why DNA productions asked him to stunt coordinate David Guetta’s latest video “Just One Last Time” featuring Taped. In this video the stunt doubles were asked to crash through walls while fire was engulfed around them and then be wired to fall out of a window.

Being the wire work master is another reason why TJ was the stunt coordinator for the job. In this particular video he also felt confident for the actor to do a little of the work as well which made for a believable and exciting stunt sequence. However once the heat was turned on TJ, his stunt doubles, and stunt riggers prepared for safety with gel, hoses, retardant, and pads. When camera stopped rolling this stunt came out to be seamless and effortless. Take a look at the video and see how stunts can be weaved in with practical in a way that keeps you the viewer moved.

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