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Foo Fighters Music Video “Walk” Wins Grammys & Best MTV Rock Video

Dave Performing in the Music Video “Walk”

The Foo Fighters have been a creative force in making music videos for almost two decades. Their humor and plot to entertain their audiences crowns them in being one of the most innovative bands in the business.  For their music video “Walk”, MTV awarded the Foo Fighters with Best Rock Video at the 2011 Video Music Awards. And just recently the Foo Fighters picked up Five Grammys for their album Wasting Light. Two of those Grammys were specifically for the song “Walk” earning them Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance. To compliment the Foo Fighters vision for this song they enlisted some heavy hitters in the music video making business. “Walk” was produced by Black Dog Films at RSA, directed by famed director and photographer Sam Jones, and produced by mega producer Jil Hardin (Lady Gaga, JLo, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne).

Producer Jil Hardin has worked closely with Stunt Coordinator TJ White and T-Minus Productions for years calling upon them to oversee the stunts for the music videos she produces. It only seemed natural that Jil would call upon TJ and his production company once again to create a dynamic video for the Foo Fighters.  TJ remarked, “I have worked with many producers for the past 20 years that I have been in the business, but Jil has been one of the highlights of my career. I’ve worked with her on Destiny’s Child, JLo, and 50 Cent just to name a few”. The development of ideas in this creative video was done by the Foo Fighters and directer Sam Jones.  It was inspired by the Michael Douglas’s film Falling Down sprinkled with the Foo Fighters sense of humor.  In the video Dave Grohl’s character is supposed to drive a golf cart into a lake on a golf course. Doubling Grohl for this stunt would have been TJ however TJ decided that Grohl could do this stunt on his own and approved Grohl to have at it and add that extra comical flair that he does so well.  The fight choreography was put together really quick and the guys were immediately able to catch on and make it look dynamic on file. It is always pleasurable when the talent is as excited to do the action as you are. The whole band would clap after every scene they did stunts in making it enjoyable to work on set with them. The only thing we don’t think we would do again is go with Dave driving the golf cart….just kidding, but did you see him run over his band mate?


TJ White on Foo Fighters Music Video Set

Dave Grohl and Fight Coordinator Kelly Carter on Set




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