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Stunt Driving in Chris Brown Music Video “Don’t Wake me Up”

Riveting Entertainment working with Chris Brown on another music video “Don’t wake me up”. Produced by Riveting’s CEO Andrew Listerman and diretced by Collin Tilly.

T Minus Productions specializing in Stunt Coordinating and Stunt Rigging was called in to over see the action on Chris Brown’s video.  Stunt Coordinator TJ White brought in stunt women/stunt driver Shauna Duggins best know for Stunt Doubling Jenifer Garner on “Alias and Daredevil”.  This was in interesting stunt for our stunt driver. She was driving a hand built car that Justin Timberlake drove in the film “In Time”.

Chris was used for most of the driving in this particualar video.  Driving a 427 Cobra through the dry lake beds out side Los Angles.  TJ states, “He was very comfortable in the car and handled it well.” It was alot of power in the car and Chris respected it”.


Working on the dry lake bed could not only be beautiful,  but also  dangerous.  The hard dry ground kicks up a fine sand that makes it slippery at high speeds.  This is the same place here car enthusiast bring there cars for world record speeds.  The sun shinning bright and the dry look makes it an amaizng place to film, that is why some many car commefcials are films at this location.



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