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BMX Stunts, Danger, and Working with Extreme Athletes for Film and TV

Not all extreme athletes are right for action scenes in Film and Television shows.  It takes the right skill set and experience on a film set to achieve a specific action scene.  When doing a stunt it takes a lot of planning and design to create a scene that not only tells a story but entertains the audience.  Extreme Athletes have a specific outlet and training regimen to perform a stunts.  They warm there body up in a specific way to get ready for a specific event they may compete in. While filming on a film or TV set, these stunt are usually shot the last shot of the day.  So the stunt performers usually have a lot of down time before doing a stunt.  This can cause fatigue and tightness in the muscles and cause injury.

Using a qualified Stunt Coordinator can design a Stunt that can utilize an Extreme Athletes skills while keeping it safe.  Below you can see two Stunts that were designed by a Stunt Coordinator but fabricating specific stunt ramps to do a specific jump with a BMX.  Knowing the specific trick in the air and the trajectory that the director and camera operator wants is very important.  The placement of the camera, lens used and framing is so specific that  without the correct stunt performer and stunt equipment they would not be able to perform the stunt and make it repeatable.  It is very important to repeat a stunt multiple times for the directors.  Many athletes do night like to performs stunts multiple times, due to increase percentage of injury.  Stuntmen and Stuntwomen train to performs stunts multiple types so that the camera department can cover it at multiple angles.

Many Extreme athletes after retiring enter the Entertainment Industry. MMA UFC Champions  like  Randy Couture, Quinton Jackson, and Don Frye have made the transition into the industry using there athlete training to actor and performs stunts in feature films.





Stunt BMX Guy on Lil Wayne Music Video

Stunt BMX Guy on Lil Wayne Music Video


Stuntman Danny Downey doing his thing on Will I am Awesome Music Video

Stuntman Danny Downey doing his thing on Will I am Awesome Music Video

Stunt Driving Audi’s RS -3 Car Commercial in Valley of Fire Nevada

Getting Ready to shoot in Valley of Fire Nevada

Getting Ready to shoot in Valley of Fire Nevada


Stunt Driver TJ White waiting to take the car out again on Set.

Stunt Driver TJ White waiting to take the car out again on Set.

Haifa Wehbe – Breathing You In using Wire Work

It can be difficult hanging on wires wear in a stunt harness.  But this Haifa Wehbe latest music video “Breathing You In” she not only wanted to hang in the stunt harness but flew in the air much like Sandra Bullock did in “Gravity”.  Being able to shoot Talent in a scene like this helps a director show to the audience the realness of space.

Using a Stunt Rigging company can help you design the shots you want to be dynamic and effective with your time on set.

Flying Wire Rig on Set

Flying Wire Rig on Set


Haifa Wehbe – “Breathing You In” music video staring Casper Smart

Filming in the water takes time


Water Safety Tim Soergel with Stunt women Jessica Harbeck

Water Safety Tim Soergel with Stunt women Jessica Harbeck standing in for Nora Jones – Miriam Music Video

Swimming and enjoying the water is one thing.  But filming in it is something different.  Films like Waterworld, that was said at the time to be one of the most expensive water films to be made, had it hiccups during production.  One  was losing the main set that was floating on the water sank.  When filming on land a production crew can work faster by walking equipment to and from set up while setting up a shot.  When working in or around water you have to have special equipment to work with also protect your self and the equipment you are using.  By doing this it slows down production taking it longer to shoot.

For instance many people don’t think about when they was watching water films like Blue Crush, Point Break or even TV shows like Baywatch how long it take to film a specific scene.. When Filming an underwater scene a person will get colder faster and will decrease there energy even faster.  This can cause a dangers situation if the proper safety precautions are not taken.  When a person is typically in the water the stunt coordinator and his water safety team are very safety conscious. Only using water safety personal that have years of experience in the water either coming from the military, being a dive master, scuba instructor, commercial diver or even


Working in the water for the film Dark Summer

Working in the water for the film Dark Summer

Norah Jones – Miriam

Motion Capture Stunt and Wire Work can be used for Films, Television and Commercial


T Minus Productions and Stunt Coordinator TJ White Mo-Cap Stunt team on the set of DUST 514

Stunt Coordinators and Stunt performers are brought in to help Motion Capture companies get the action they need for their projects.  Motion Capture is a technology that recorded an actor or stuntman’s movements in a specific space with accuracy.  Then that information is recorded and transferred into their systems letting the editors able to put the structure of the performance body on anything like a robot, monster, or even an animal.  This technology is used primarily for video games and more recently made it more prominent in feature films like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mo-Cap filming is very specific. Every movement the talent makes is recorded exactly as they are doing it in real time.  The talent uses their body as an form of acting just like an actor uses dialogue.



Mo Cap Flying rig set up at Universal Studios

WatchDogs Viral Video using Stunts to Punk People

Ad Agencies, Productions Companies and Brands seem to be doing more viral campaigns than commercial lately.  When you could produce a video that can not only entertain a viewer but engage them enough for them to share it on some or all of there social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

The newly launched video game WatchDogs by Ubisoft for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows, with a Wii U game consels hires Los Angeles Production company Lifeboat Productions to create this prank  video for unsuspecting people.  As scene below in the behind the scene video it take alot of preperation to produce a punked or candid camera style prank.  All of the filming must be hidden and all safety concerns have to be addressed in the planning stages of prodcution.  All of these beats help the crew pull off this prank so that the mark can be suprised when theyt reveal that they are being films.

When doing this particular video production used Special effect and stunts to enhance the shock factor to the mark.  As you will see in this video, the mark is asked to push a button that changes the traffic light from green to red causing a car accident.  This is planned for the beginning with Stunt Coordinator TJ White and his Stunt crew. The cars are prepped with special seat belts and safety fuel tanks.  Stunt Safety crew are standing buy with fire extinguishers in case they are needed.  They stunt cars were prepped days before this actual shoot so that they were safe to crash in the middle of the road.  Stunt Drivers were hire to crash each other in the middle of the street all the while controlling the cars to not go toward the actors and mark.


Behind the Scenes of the Filming of WatchDogs


Stunt Driving training and schools

When wanting to be a Stunt Driver a person should have extensive training.  It take years of experience for a Stunt Coordinator to hire a Stunt Driver to perform a stunt on film. One should start driving as an extra or  back ground driver.  This will give you valuable set experience working with a film crew.

Stunt driving school to start your training.

Rick Seaman Driving school, http://www.rickseamanstuntdrivingschool.com

Dirt Fish www.dirtfish.com

Bobby Ore Motor Sports http://www.bobbyoresports.com/

Drivers East driverseast.com.


Stunt Driver perform stunts on Boyfriend Music video set

Stunt Driver perform stunts on Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” Music video set

Filming Wire work – That is Safe within a Budget

Wire work is the most expensive and time consuming stunt done on film.  It takes time to design and test a stunt rig weather it is one person hanging one foot off the ground or 150 feet in the air.  The same equipment and safety standards are used in each instance.

When hiring a Stunt Rigging Company a producer , director , ad agency or Production team should pay close attention to what the experience the Stunt Rigging Company has.  Do they have a good reputation with other producers and production companies?  Do they have the ability to do what they are asked of with in your time frame ?  What is there budget for the stunt ?  If a low budget comes in a production should be very worried. With not the right stunt rigging equipment, design or personal can cost production time and lot of  money.

A typical qualified Stunt rigging company will pull up to set with a couple hundred thousand dollars in stunt rigging equipment in there trailer.  They are always designing, fabricating and testing new equipment to help production create a more refined and dynamic stunt to film.

Next time you are looking for a Stunt Rigging Company ? Look at there references, resume is could just save your production.


Cantilever Rig used for Kendrick Lamar Alright Music Video

Cantilever Rig used for Kendrick Lamar Alright Music Video



Division Video Game Commercial with Stunts

Producer Ross Dinerstein and his company Campfire Films produced this epic commercial for the Tom Clancy “The Division” video game directed by Xavier Gens ” Hitman” and Director of Photography Bridger Nielson.  This stylistic commercial takes the viewer into the world of this video game with the game of stunt and visual effects.


Amazing set for this commercial at Fox Studios

Amazing set for this commercial at Fox Studios

Stunt Coordinator TJ White, VP of T Minus Productions Lauren Pacheco, Stunt Women Boni Yanagisawa, Stuntman Alex Mccaslin and Stuntman Justin White

Stunt Coordinator TJ White, VP of T Minus Productions Lauren Pacheco, Stunt Women Boni Yanagisawa, Stuntman Alex Mccaslin and Stuntman Justin White

Stern Bikes , A Ford Mustang, and mixing with a Stunt Driver and Extreme Athlete

With the popularity of the Nitro Circus, X Games and MTV the audience has gotten even more savvy when watching TV or streaming videos on the internet.  When you have these young skater kids or the guys from MTV’s Jackass filming these extreme stunts with there go pros and iphones you have to up your game when filming a extreme sports commercial.

Stern Bikes known for there aggressive riding on there mountain bikes wanted to show there customers the suspension of there bike by filming an aggressive chase between a bike and ford mustang. This was done by using a qualified Stunt Coordinator that designed and supervised the action scene. The Stunt Coordinator over saw the car modifications to be able to spin the car around to a 180.  He also hired the stunt driver to drive through those turns sometimes reaching 80 mph while filming from a camera car.  This was all done on a closed roads.