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Kia takes over Pier 92 in New York for the Stinger Runway Race Challenge


Supermodel  Joan Smalls, Writer  and TV host Derek Blasberg, Supermodel Candice Swanepoel , Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, social media superstar Cameron Dallas, and Fashion designer Brandon Maxwell come to Pier 92 in New York City for Kia’s Stinger Runway Race Challenge.   These Celebrities drag raced against each other while  driving the new 2017 Kia Stinger Turbo. The track was set up in a way that the crowd and drivers could hear and feel the power of this newly designed car.  The crowd cheered when each celebrity raced, going faster and faster than each other.  For the win Supermodel Candice Swanepoel got the win with fasted top speed and quickest time.

This event was supervised by professional Drifter and Stunt driver Matt Powers ” Escape Plan 3″ and Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Driver TJ White from T Minus Productions. These professionals over saw the construction and design of the track and also rode passenger in the cars with the drivers to instruct and keep them safe while letting the celebrities enjoy there experience with the Kia Stinger GT.


Stunt Drivers Matt Powers and TJ White

Baseball Legend Alex Rodriguez and Stunt Driver TJ White


Quicken Loans Using Stunt Rigging in there Commercials

Quick Loans Commerical Stunt Crew on set

Quick Loans Commerical Stunt Crew on set


Ele Bardha a local Detroit Michigan Stunt Coordinator helped bring to life a Stunt concept for Quick Loans marketing department for there latest product Rocket Home Mortgage.  These commercials were filmed in the suburbs of Detroit giving local film crews the ability to produce a great commercial there getting over 400K views on Youtube.

A zero gravity levitation rig can be very difficult to set up.  We used the same system, much like what they did in Sandra Bullock’s Gravity or Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar film. Using a state of the art body harnesses, a levitation system and experienced stunt riggers we were able to give the audience the same look as they did on these big budget films.



Filming Wire work – That is Safe within a Budget

Wire work is the most expensive and time consuming stunt done on film.  It takes time to design and test a stunt rig weather it is one person hanging one foot off the ground or 150 feet in the air.  The same equipment and safety standards are used in each instance.

When hiring a Stunt Rigging Company a producer , director , ad agency or Production team should pay close attention to what the experience the Stunt Rigging Company has.  Do they have a good reputation with other producers and production companies?  Do they have the ability to do what they are asked of with in your time frame ?  What is there budget for the stunt ?  If a low budget comes in a production should be very worried. With not the right stunt rigging equipment, design or personal can cost production time and lot of  money.

A typical qualified Stunt rigging company will pull up to set with a couple hundred thousand dollars in stunt rigging equipment in there trailer.  They are always designing, fabricating and testing new equipment to help production create a more refined and dynamic stunt to film.

Next time you are looking for a Stunt Rigging Company ? Look at there references, resume is could just save your production.


Cantilever Rig used for Kendrick Lamar Alright Music Video

Cantilever Rig used for Kendrick Lamar Alright Music Video



Art, Music Videos, Stunts and Olivia Somerlyn – Parachute

Director Ryan Pallotta has an artistic eye to create beautiful music videos much like you see on high profile fashion exibits.  It was his wish to levitate Olivia with wires to give her a weightless dream state sequence.  Being able to fly an artist makes it even more special for a director so that they could see the artist face and body language in the same shot.

Some people may think floating a bed in the middle of a dry lake bed would be impossible.  But to Stunt Rigging Companies like      T Minus Stunt Rigging Inc and Action Design Company T Minus Productions lead by Stunt Coordinator   TJ White it is all in a days work. Fabricating a steel frame to enforce the bed for the first hurdle had to overcome.  With out changing the integrity of the bed and not damaging this expensive piece of furniture.  Every cable, clamp or fitting was custom fabricated to be able to levitate this bed up in the air from a crane.

This particular project was Production Designed by Alex Delgado “Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj”.  In working with such a busy and talented production designer like Alex, a person needs to be able to create an action sequence that is safe while giving him the shot they want.




Olivia Somerlyn on a bed floating in the air in the middle of the desert

Olivia Somerlyn on a bed floating in the air in the middle of the desert

T Minus Stunt Rigging Inc and Montster Cranes Setting up

T Minus Stunt Rigging Inc and Montster Cranes Setting up



Stunt Design and Stunt Rigging in the film industry

Hollywood Stunt Coordinator Stunt Riggers

Stunt Riggers Hank Kingi and Mike Li on an NBC TV Show Promo

Stunt Design and Stunt Rigging is one of the most important jobs in Safety and Stunts that no one talks about or even knows about. Years ago the Grips would rig an actor to a wall or fly them in the air. As safety precautions have increased by OSHA regulations so has the cost of equipment and fabrication.  Stunt Coordinators spend sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars testing and designing equipment to be able to us it today.  Some of them even have an Oscar for the technical achievement they have made in film making.  One of the more famous stuntmen has been Kenny Bates “Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Con Air” and his design of custom stunt equipment you have scene being used in any Micheal Bay film.  Kenny has been with Micheal Bay from the beginning of his transition from music video and commercials to full length feature films.  It is that loyalty that a director gives a stunt coordinator to be creative and design the equipment it would take to make these great action films.

Other Action Designers like Stunt Coordinator – 2nd Unit Director Dan Bradley and Special Effects Supervisor Elia P. Popov  when they designed the Go-Mobile for the Bourne Identity Trilogy enabling the SFX and Stunt Department to cable on a car to a high speed moving platform with actors in the car delivering there dialogue while driving at a high rate of speed.

Using qualified Stunt Design and Stunt Rigging companies helps you get your safest and most dynamic action scenes.



Stunt Riggers Terry James and Shawn Robinson on LG Nitro Commercial


Stunt Riggers Fly a full Size Air Balloon basket for FoxSports Nascar Commercial


Justin Beiber Safety Wire on Ledge

Justin Bieber tweeted this Picture of him on a Ledge at Universal Studios Back Lot


Flying Wire Rig on Set

Flying Wire Rig on Set


Enrique Iglesias on the Bridge for a Music Video

Enrique Iglesias on the Bridge for a Music Video



Chris Brown Tweeted this Picture of Models Levitating

Chris Brown Tweeted this Picture of Models Levitating

Katy Perry Doing Stunts on Mega Hit Music Video “Roar”

When your looking for epic concepts and creativity look no further than an artist like Katy Perry. This artist likes to use every color in the spectrum and shock the world with animals. Production called Stunt Coordinator TJ White from T Minus Productions, and Norbert Phillips “Fear Factor” to over see the Stunt rigging and fly the talent by wires.

What do you do when a live Tiger is on set ? You defiantly don’t walk around the set with a box of burgers from in-n-out.  Working with exotic animals could be very dangerous and you need to make sure you are working with reputable companies. These companies start training there animals at a young age to be able to perform on set.

This music video was directed by Grady Hall & Mark Kudsi and produced by Motion Theory. These two very creative directors incorporated Katy’s multiple looks with a fun stylized music video that has over 1.4 Billion views on youtube.com alone.

Using exotic animals , visual effects, stunts with wire work and being creative with  camera moves the directors were able to create a dynamic vibrant video that will last the for years to come.


Pharell latest Music Video Freedom Using Stunts for Effect ?

Stunt Man Floating in space in Downtown LA.

Stunt Man Floating in space in Downtown LA.


Pretty Bird Pictures a Culver City California, Commercial  and Music Video production company and it’s founder and director Paul Hunter  best know for working with “Michael Jackon, JLo,Will Smith, Britney Spears”  created this explosion of visual art closely with Pharell Williams “The Voice”.

Using a complicated wire system to fly a stuntman dressed in a astronaut suit 60 ft across the street in downtown Los Angeles in the middle of the night can be complicated. This takes a qualified Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Rigging company to design the rig to give the director the exact shot they are looking for.  In this case the director wanted to have the astronaut float like the were on the moon across the street.

Many elements like water, height, wind were used in this video to enhance the the dynamic style of this director.  People parachuting, free falling through the air to people sitting on the couch under water.

Truss Flying Rig used to Fly

Truss Flying Rig used to Fly

Stunt Women Breaking through wall


Blueman Group Open with a Bang in Las Vegas

Blueman Groups calls Stunt company again to create death defying stunt to announce there return to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.  The Blueman Group is 20 years old and they love to go big with everything they do.  T Minus Productions did there live show in Los Angeles with a 189 ft decelerator highfall at there Hollywood Bowl Show. So it was not a surprise that when they were returning to the Luxor Hotel this year they wanted it to be an event people would talk about.

100 media corespondents listening to one Blueman play the drums to announce the opening of there new theater. Just then two spot lights pan straight up 28 floors inside the Luxor Hotel to see 2 Bluemen repel down to the theater level to open the curtain of the theater.

Live events are very hard to incorporate stunts and it takes extensive planning and rehearsal to pull it off safely.  When trying to do stunt like this you should always use a professional.  Stunts are dangerous and should only be stunt by experienced individuals.


Blueman repelling down 28 stories inside the Luxor Hotel in Vegas

Blueman repelling down 28 stories inside the Luxor Hotel in Vegas

Blueman Group with T Minus Productions TJ White and Lauren Pacheco

Blueman Group with T Minus Productions TJ White and Lauren Pacheco


Two Blueman repelling down 28 stories inside the Luxor Hotel in Vegas

Blueman Group getting ready repelling down 28 stories inside the Luxor Hotel in Vegas with T Minus Stunt Rigging Inc.  Crew

Miley Cyrus Hosting 2015 MTV VMA’s while doing her own Stunts

Miley Cyrus Floating for MTV

Miley Cyrus Floating for MTV


Working with Green Screen can be tough.  But with the right visual effects company and stunt team it can make your finished project look amazing.  In this Promo for MTV the stunt Coordinator was called to float Miley Cyrus through the air to allow her to freely float and move around.


Stunt Driving Expensive Cars at High Rates of Speed

Jim Zahnd Stunt Driving in Daughtry music video

Jim Zahnd Stunt Driving in Daughtry music video

Stunt Drivers take years of experience to get in the car and drive a car.  There are many terms used for a Stunt Driver.  Precision Drivers, Performance Drivers, Stunt Drivers just to name a few.

They are also background drivers and these specific drivers do not have the training or skill set to drive in front of camera as a principle. These are drivers that drive in the background of a shot on driving scenes. These drivers are extra or background drivers or even called extra precision drivers.  They drive everyday vehicles to fill a frame.  These drivers should never be upgraded to be a precision driver unless a qualified stunt coordinator or Driving coordinator is on-set to supervise and has OK’d the driver and their ability. These are not stunt drivers nor are they precision drivers.

Working with Sevyn Streeter ft. Chris Brown “Don’t Kill The Fun” we were driving expensive cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini at high rates of speed in a tight area. This can make a director and producer very nervous.  This is when experience takes over and hiring the right experienced stunt coordinator and stunt drivers for the job is a producers best option for a safe and exciting shoot.  It could take 5-10 years of stunt driving for a stuntman or stunt women to get a chance to drive on screen.  Stunt Coordinators do not let inexperienced people get behind the wheel.  There is a lot to learn about cars and the technology that drives them.

Stunt Drivers rely heavily on the transportation department of a project to prep the car for them to drive. The right tire pressure, tires, breaking system, engine torque and suspension of a car will help the driver perform the stunt that the director wants.

When using very expensive fast cars, a lot goes into the prep of the car.  Usually the stunt coordinator is in total communication with the manufacture of the cars.  These cars are like fast computers on wheels. What you must realize is that new and luxurious cars don’t come off the lot being able to do 360’s, power slides, and drifting around corners. They must be De-programmed to shut off various traction controls, and safety parameters that are normally put in place for the daily driver. But if you want high speed action and stimulating stunt driving?, then you’ll need the proper mechanic that knows the specific vehicle. Car prep is vital and sometimes overlooked on the production side. Our Stunt coordinators work closely with car prep companies in order to tailor the vehicle to match the shots wanted by the director and producers. Safety is always top priority, and while stunt driving is one of the gags often requested, make sure your production hires the right stunt coordinator so then he or she can hire the best qualified stunt drivers. Your insurance will thank you and you’ll minimize your risk.

Stunt Driver on set of Sevyn Streeter ft. Chris Brown "Don't Kill The Fun"

Stunt Driver Alyma Dorsey on set of Sevyn Streeter ft. Chris Brown “Don’t Kill The Fun”


TJ White Stunt Coordinator on set of Riveting Entertainment Music Video Set

TJ White Stunt Coordinator on set of Riveting Entertainment Music Video


Stunt Driver Chris Nielsen Testing a 2013 Hot-wheels Ford Mustang from Galpin Motor Sports for a Justin Bieber “Boyfriend’ Music Video