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Will Smith Bungee Jumps out of a Helicopter over the Grand Canyon for his 50 th Birthday

Google, Youtube, Fly on the Wall Productions, OverBrook Entertainment join together to push the envelop with having Will Smith bungee jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon for his 50th Birthday.  Fly on the Wall productions known for Big Brother contacted Stunt Coordinator TJ White from T Minus Productions to design and over see this dangerous stunt.  TJ known for Stunt Coordinating high profile stunts for some of the biggest artist in the world like Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd and Eminem.  

TJ stated “When working with talent such as Will Smith your are brought to your A game of making the impossible, possible in the matter of a couple months”. The very technical aspects of overseeing this dangerous stunt begins with breaking down the dangers of 1. Bungee Jumping now add a helicopter to do it out of.  2.  Working in a location like the  grand canyon with 2 helicopters in the airat the same time.  3. Dealing with the Weather . 4.  Having a A list talent do the very dangerous stunt themself. 5. Do a live stunt for a live audience and live teleplay around the world.

By adding all of this up you have to surround your self with the very best in the business and a team that is able to work with each other in high stress situations is mandatory.  TJ brought in his Stunt Rigging Team from T Minus Productions and T Minus Stunt Rigging Inc,  Bungee consultant Casey Dale from bungee.com, and two of the top film helicopter pilots in the biz Cliff Fleming and Fred North. With this team they were able to assist a successful live stunt over the grand canyon infront of 100 spectators and over 17 Million views on youtube.com


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