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In today’s entertainment landscape, audiences expect new, innovative action. Directors and producers feel the pressure to deliver. Dramatic effect and dynamic scope are expected, no matter the size of the budget.

T-Minus Productions got its start designing and producing action scenes for some of Hollywood’s most creative directors and producers. We have been racking up experience in Film, Television, Commercial and Music Videos for the past 24 years.

Our comprehensive action sequence knowledge can help you efficiently execute nearly any action you can dream up. We may even be able to help dream up some more. Our bids are accurate and we’re always looking for ways to make your project better. Let our industry leading expertise help you wow your audience! >>> Contact Our Stunt Experts to Help With Your Next Project

Conveniently based in Los Angeles, T Minus Productions also has ample experience filming on location while maximizing local tax incentives.

Featured Stunt Coordinator: TJ White from T-Minus Productions

A second generation Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director, TJ White has 20+ years experience in Stunts. While growing up on sets such as Stripes and Knight Rider, and BJ and the Bear, TJ caught the bug for Action Directing.

TJ has worked closely with the top names in the entertainment industry. From actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, and Ashton Kutcher – to directors Paul Hunter, Wayne Isham, Dean Karr, and Joseph Kahn – to producers William Sherek, Jason Shuman, and Jill Harden – TJ has delivered for some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

When not on set or breaking down a budget, TJ teaches Action Directing classes at UCLA and other local film schools and has served on the panel at theDiamonds in the Raw Stuntwomen’s Awards since 2011.

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Usher Does His Own Stunts In Music Video Ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell Williams


ONn set with Usher and Stuntman Ladell Preston and Stunt Coordinator TJ White

On set with Usher and Stuntman Ladell Preston and Stunt Coordinator TJ White


Partizan Entertainment’s Director Phil Andelman and Producer Josh Goldstein brought in Stunt Coordinator TJ White and T-Minus Stunt Rigging Inc. to design wire rigs that would be able to hang platinum recording artist Usher in his newest music video “She Came To Give It To You” ft. Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams.  Director Phil Andelman had a very specific concept to incorporate dance and abstract movements defining gravity at the same time.  Working with a very athletic artist like Usher is always great and makes it easier when he is doing the stunt.  Working with Wire can be very difficult on your body and it takes a lot of core strength. TJ brought in stuntman Ladell Preston, who has doubled Usher in the past,  to rehearse and test the wire rig prior to Usher filming his scene. By testing and rehearsing prior to the talent getting rigged up allows for all safety to be checked off, and for any obstacles to be overcome to save production time and money.

Using a company like T-Minus Productions Stunt Department and T-Minus Stunt Rigging can help a production with all of their safety concerns and budget constraints. Wire work can be some of the most expensive type gags when it comes to stunts, but the final product on screen always makes the director and production happy that they budgeted for it. We highly recommend that production contact us in the creation process so we can consult with what various stunts will cost prior to the pitch so that a concept that is proposed isn’t out of their budget reach.


Usher hanging on Wires waiting for the shot

Usher hanging on Wires waiting for the shot


T Minus Stunt Rigging Inc. Rehearsing the Wire Rig

T Minus Stunt Rigging Inc. Rehearsing the Wire Rig


Stunt Coordinators Hired By Production Companies To Ensure Safety


Game Show Wipe Out - Hollywood Stunt Coordinator

Game Show “Wipe Out”

More and more production and insurance companies have contacted Qualified Stunt Coordinators to supervise all safety concerns for their show concepts. This is to ensure that the event they are putting their contestants through is deemed safe and secure for the insurance companies to sign off on.  Successful shows like Fear Factor have brought on veteran Stunt Coordinators  such as Perry Barndt, and President of Stunts Unlimited stunt group in Los Angeles Pat Ramano, to be Producers and Safety consultants for the show.  These safety experts work with production from the beginning stages of concept.  They design the stunts to make it exciting and far fetched but also safe for the contestants. When designing a particular stunt these coordinators and consultants use specific Stunt Rigging equipment and Stunt Rigging companies to set it up and test the stunt and/or action piece with qualified stunt performers.  The Stuntmen and stuntwomen are trained professionals that have the knowledge and expertise to test a stunt or gag to rule out injury for a contestant or talent. Stunt Rigging Companies and Special Effects companies work together to fabricate and manufacture specific designs so that the it could be used in a safe manner.

Stunt Coordinators and Stunt Rigging Coordinators have been moving into a more Risk Assessment role in reality shows, games shows, and live events. This new position is more likely a Safety Producer, Supervising Producer, or Risk Management Producer versus just a straight Stunt Coordinator. With the bar being raised on having action on the screen, the safety precautions have to be increased on these live type shows. Bringing in a qualified safety expert can limit time and money from a production.  To many productions it may seem like an added cost but in the end it is like everyone’s mother always said, “Its better to be safe than sorry.”

Behind the Scenes for Syfy's Face Off

Behind the Scenes for Syfy’s Face Off

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